Writing a mobile app is a bitter and sweet experience.  Frankly speaking, everything has a price.  We must admit that free lunch does not exist in the real world.

If we talk about learning a new skill, that could mean there is no shortcut to learning fast.  In the old days, we have to learn step by step, page by page and chapter by chapter from a mentor. Today we have various modes of learning and may not need to sit in a room to learn from a teacher face-to-face. The best learning material is the one that let you dive in without any issue. A camera manual is of this kind. If you have been a user of a particular camera brand for some time, you would pick up its new model without much difficulties. Because a camera has a temptation to experiment. When you hold it in your hands, you play with all the buttons instantly.

This is something different from learning to use a software, especially in the recently experience of writing a mobile app or learning a software program. The traditional way is to purchase a book or learn from its manual. But some programs do not come with a manual. Buy a user guide from a local bookstore or from Amazon or Book Depository. However, I am finding these manual books are almost useless because words can’t explain everything. My recent experience of reading Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Classroom in a Book is an example of showing the inadequacy of the text. The book is fine, with the usual quality design and layout, and well written content.  But you still have to figure out what exactly the location of the menus and sub-menus without seeing the process.

So that is why today video or screen capture is the king. Watching the video from Youtube and you can learn almost everything.  This is how I learn Adobe Premiere faster by searching the relevant topics I want to learn. I found the videos made by creativecow.net are easy to follow, in particular they split the learning process into various sessions.  Watching videos is just easy and you are confident to follow because you can rewind and replay when needed.  That is sweet.

I did not have any patience finding video guides for writing an iPhone app. I attended a course to learn writing an iOS app, but if you do not intend to use it, don’t learn it. At the end of the day I used an app maker. App Maker is a tool or online site that saves learning the skill of writing an app from scratch by using templates. The positive side is that it helps you to create cross-OS platform mobile apps such as iOS, Android and Windows. This is the shortcut and requires only a bit knowledge of HTML. The downside is that it comes with pricy plans. Be aware: the devil is in the fine print. That is bitter.

Anyway, the app about my site is out on both iOS and Android platforms.  The app is called imagewings which let you access nearly all my photographic activities. Click the buttons below to install it on your iPhone, iPad or Android phones. I would love to hear your feedback.

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Featured image: Looking through the blinds. Summicron-M 50 mm, ISO160, f3.4, 1/500 sec
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