Do you believe Windows XP is already 10 years old?
Yes for an operating system nowadays, that sounds a miracle.
But it is still one of the most popular Windows OS. At least most of my office PCs are still running on Windows XP  SP3, with no signs of upgrading to the latest Windows 7.
Well, the truth is, they run pretty well, for everyday use.
We did not opt for upgrading to Windows Vista, a notorious OS which nearly cost Windows all the fortune.
It is a lesson we learn.  We change for good and need, not for fashion and fame.
That is why I do not understand so many corporations are still making this same stupid mistake, year after year.  The management often proposes new projects on their throne to show they are going to make history. In many cases they are spending more money and causing more troubles.
If the CEOs make mistakes in their projection of profits, why at the end the general staff are to be sacked and sacrificed for the wrong decision made for the sake of change. So many employees are paying more before they can earn more.
After all this is an age of chaos and uncertainty.  Watch the global market and you see bad news every day about recorded losses of big companies and even countries are going bankruptcy.
We dream of sharing our wealth but we end up sharing our poverty.

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