Not long ago I mentioned about the number of images uploaded to social media every day has set a trend.  Today I discover taking photos with the Instagram app on my smart phone has become inherent.

Taking photography with this phone app is no-brainer. Hold up your smartphone, tap Instagram app, set the frame and tap the button. Then the photo is taken.

The next step is to apply one of the filters available on the app.

This is the part some like it very much and some hate it. I am those who prefer not to alter the image so much. Applying filters is truly additive, like binge-drinking in broad day light. In the old days of film, some of us mounted filters on the lenses to achieve special effects. Now you can do this with a few clicks in Photoshop or even simpler just a click in Instagram. I feel it is a bit silly if you do not concern too much why you have to do that. I saw many images done by special filter effects, reminding me of something artificial, unreal, dreamlike.  Perhaps this is what the photographers want to present.

I like the dimensions of the images, the 1:1 ratio although it is not a format I normally use.  This may probably help me develop an alternate view of seeing the objects.

Truly amazing is the connectivity to upload through your mobile. It is instant to share with your social network such as Facebook. If you care about what the images look like, do not apply any filter, or do less. Instagram is all about how you feel like. No one asks you to overdo an image.

By setting up my privacy, I do not enable the feature “Add to your Photo Map” so no location is recorded with the images.  I think it makes sense if you enable this on a travel trip and your device is connected to WIFI or 3G. Otherwise the coordinates will not be recorded. To me, allowing unknown persons to know my whereabouts seems risky.

As usual, I would suggest you to read all the support materials on Instagram site and this gives you all about the tricks. No single tool is giving you all the best answers. I like its convenience but I do not really think it meets my standard of resolution and colour saturation. After all, it depends on your smartphone’s camera.  I am a newbie of Instagram and I am still learning to take nice photographs by every means.

If you want to see my growing numbers of Instagram images, check out the Instagram page on this site.  I appreciate your feedback.

Featured image: The spring has come. Elmarit-M 28 mm, ISO160, f4.8, 1/180 sec


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