I heard about EyeEm following an introduction of Digital Photography Review website on the iPhone 5s. You could download the app from iOS App Store. There is also an Android version on Google Play.

Having been using Instagram for some time, I must say I have been addicted to its features until I find one feature on EyeEm that beats Instagram.

That is when you are on a WiFi connection instead of phone connection, we can upload a better resolution of the digital image to the site. Now switching between Instagram and EyeEm, I have to decide whether I would like to upload a higher resolution file.  Instagram crops your image into a square, no other options available.  EyeEm let you upload photos in portrait or landscape orientations.

EyeEm Screenshot 2

EyeEm page showing my location

The filters in EyeEm are still far from fancy.  It is a matter of taste whether you like them or not.  My workflow for a better image is to open Snapseed app import the image. I will enhance and process the image before exporting it out to my phone Photo Library for storage.  After you run EyeEm, while you are on the page of allowing to a photo, you use the processed image from your photo library.


EyeEm Edit Photo page

EyeEm Edit Photo page

On the Edit Photo page, you have four options: applying filters, framing the photo, sharpening the photos and cropping the photos. Scroll on the filters icon to apply the effect you like.  The sharpening may look overdone. The cropping photo only gives you the dimensions of a square.

If you are pleased with the result, tap the tick at the right, add some text or hush tag on the next page, select the social media : Facebook, Twitter Tumblr, Flickr and Foursquare, the image will be uploaded to EyeEm.

EyeEm Screenshot 1

EyeEm personal page

After you have successfully uploaded the image, you will soon see all your photos under your name or see it under the tag groups. You can also tap on your name to display all your photos.

For the time being, between EyeEm and Instagram, I will post black and white photos only to EyeEm and let it become my black and white iPhone portfolio. Moreover, EyeEm has an iPad app version, which means I could run the app on the iPad and its biggest screen provides a better view of all the images.

EyeEm has an image market, which means you can sell your photos.  I have connected to it but have not sold one, perhaps my photos are still in need of improvements.


Featured image: The old tree.  Leica M (Type 240) with Elmarit-M 28mm, ISO200, f/9.5, 1/45 sec
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