Steve Jobs has passed away, but Apple is still the talk of the town.
One day before we heard the news of the death of Steve Jobs, I met an academic outside my office building telling me how anxious he was in waiting to receive his new Macbook Air. In the past he has mentioned to me he was so delighted to use his iPad.
I do not plan to buy a Macbook Air, but I know all the features of it.  Only it is still not relatively affordable. I have heard someone used the sharp edge of Macbook Air for another use:  to slice meat efficiently. Funny, isn’t it?
Apple products have the magic touch. It is as if you were joining a family, becoming a member and are honoured to show to the  others you are using their products. That is why some love it, others have no idea why there are so many fans.

I took this picture outside the Apple store in the city centre of Sydney.  Another photographer passed by and noticed I used a M9.  He has just used a M9-P to take a shot of the flowers in memory of Steve Jobs.  He said to me, “I am using a Leica”.  “Is it good?” I replied.  We smiled. What a wonderful feeling!

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