A latest publication by Harvard Medical School seems re-confirming a universal truth that money and material things can’t buy happiness.
In 1984, the economist Richard Easterlin published a paper in which he discovers that the higher income earners in developed countries are reported being happier while in poorer countries, the level of happiness does not vary much if the people’s basic needs are covered.
This concept called Easterlin paradox is further supplemented by Easterlin’s findings in 2010 in which he further concludes that in countries with great economic growth (such as China and South Korea), the sense of satisfaction and happiness does not come up with wealth.
Of course one should not consider life is linear and different people have their own interpretation of happiness.  Many scholars also have findings contrary to Easterlin’s claim.
I always keep reminding me that think positively is vital to health and never disregard there are so many daily farces that laugh my head off.

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