Sydney has the coldest summer in more than 50 years.  The temperature has been around lower 20°C during the day and at night around 15°C-16°C for more than two weeks. This is 3°C below average the normal temperature of December.
The big chill is making us feel like living in winter days in the Northern Hemisphere. We could even imagine snow may fall pretty soon.
Of course even climate change is hitting us hard, I don’t think thisChristmas Sydney will be in the freezing temperature.
In the past, we only saw Santa Claus wearing shorts waving outside the factory outlets.  This summer Santa can wear the whole suit comfortably in red.
Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere like most of the big cities of Australia is always different because of the heat.  In Sydney, everyone seems abandoning the city for the country or heading overseas after mid December.
I have started my holiday as the university is closed for two weeks.  It is a nice time for me to tidy up bits and pieces.
The first thing I did was changing my website’s theme.
Hope you like this new look.

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