This afternoon when I got off the train from the city, I was choked with a strong smell of smoke.
I asked myself if bush fire was getting close? A moment later one of my friends even called to see if bushfire has got close to this area.
It was not until later I read the news from the Australian then I realised it was the smoke from bushfire backburning. It will continue for one or two days more but everything is under control.
Backburning is a proactive measure to remove the flammable material to prevent spreading during a bushfire.  It reminds us that the bushfire season has already started.
The smoke particles definitely cause breathing difficult, even inside our home. This is one of the dangers if you live close to the bushland.
Animals are no exception.
I remember last time Sydney was hit by a huge duststorm for a whole day, the next morning I found the first casualty: a possum lying dead in my backyard.

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