Is smartphone photography common? I am sure it is. We are told smartphone cameras now take more images than other types of camera.

Think of the millions of images captured on our smartphones and shared online to the social media, the amount is so great that you cannot imagine. To cite a few figures, there were 560 million total , 46 million per month and 1.54 million per day of image uploaded to Flickr in 2011.  Over 200 million images are uploaded per day and 6 billion per month, there are totally more than 90 billion images on Facebook. Facebook is reaching a record of 1 billion (901 million) users soon, so the images uploaded to the site will increasingly be more than ever with the popularity of mobile devices.

According to Flickr, iPhone 4 is the most popular camera. As Android smartphones are fighting hard to win the market share, sooner or later we will definitely see a change: the statistics of these Android devices will catch up with iPhone.

Ask yourself, how many images uploaded to facebook are taken by non-smartphone cameras? Have you been using your smartphone to take images whenever you find the subjects are interesting and want to share them with the others instantly? We are all photographers because we all use mobile phones, although not everyone owns a camera. We all enjoy sharing our little secret on the social media.

I personally enjoy taking images with my iPhone.  Using the Facebook Camera app, we can upload the images with little touch-up. Not much you can do compared with other apps such as Instagram or KingCamera.  Facebook camera allows you to take images followed by sharing them to Facebook (be sure whether you want to show the location). In fact, an image shared does not required high resolution. We rather care about whether it records the decisive moment. Some apps also allow you to set frames or add some special effects to the images. It is simply to make fun.

I don’t expect my smartphone can replace the role of my camera. But its importance as a still camera and a video camera is increasing.

In addition to using smartphone, I carry my street camera every day. There is no ideal everyday camera and probably only you can tell whether or not a camera brings you something extra. If you like the way the smartphone works, then your smartphone is your everyday camera.

After all, we all see the world with our own vision.

Featured image: Hunters Bay. Summicron-M 50 mm, ISO160, f5.7, 1/1000 sec
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