Let’s have New Year wishes? Why not?
As 2011 is drawing its curtain, as usual besides summing up, we take this opportunity to look forward to the future.
My first dream is simple: to self-publish my first book, after all these years.  I wish the first one will be journals of our travel: with photos and some handy tips. The book will be in printed version and in the form of ebook. It is a practical guide, for armchair travellers and some who find it helpful.
Looking back, I may have published my own writings some twenty years ago.  But at present I don’t think I wish to read again all those sentimental pieces of writing. Let them become part of my memory. What’s done is done, what’s gone is gone.
I also wish to write an app for iPhone.
Or learn video making with a DSLR or mirrroless (could it be a Leica?).
The last.  If I could have one more wish, it should be good health to everyone.


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