Making videos with the iPad? I’ve never thought this can be done so quick and easy. If you like me, think that making a video takes up too much of your time, then I must recommend you to read what follows in this post.

The rear camera on the iPad 4 is decent. By decent I mean it is a bit beyond your expectation if you are expecting a zoom like a normal point-and-shoot camera. It does provide digital zoom (enlargement) but in term of image quality it is almost useless. Optical zoom is the best but you won’t find this on a tablet. This camera is the same as the previous New iPad: taking 5 megapixel (2592×1936) image resolution, with 5 elements optics at maximum aperture f2.4. The best for the iPad 4 is that the screen is a super large monitor.  It is a great help combining the function of tapping on screen to focus and aperture control.

In term of video taking , this camera can take 1080p HD video recording, featuring video stabilisation and face detection. This is indeed very capable. Tap to focus when you are recording.  Hence, it is important not to get too close to the subject otherwise the autofocus keeps hunting. Without question, the simple solution is set at a reasonable closest distance, with sufficient lighting.  Probably if you have a holder and stand that keeps the device steady. Unfortunately I do not have such a device and so in the process of video recording I rested my elbow on a flat surface. It wasn’t too bad but it is definitely not the best solution. How about this Movie Mount? Unfortunately this accessory (comes with an app to take video) is not cheap at all. You need to mount it on a tripod. I strong recommend you to try it out before you order it.

I purchased two apps to help me to finish editing my videos.  The first one is iMovie for iOS. It costs US$4.99.  These are the key features mentioned in the App Store:

• Tap to add video, photos, music, and sound effects
• Drag to trim the length of any clip
• Pinch to zoom the timeline
• Swipe down on the playhead to split a clip; swipe up to freeze a frame
• On iPad, pinch vertically to open the Precision Editor

It may take some time to get familiarised with these features especially the latter two. However, you can choose 8 great themes in addition to choosing music from your own library and modifying the clips with special transitional effects. You can also add your own voice over the video. This is just great, making short video editing in just a couple of minutes.

I also used another app called Intro Designer Lite. This is a free app but I find it is excellent enough in creating a movie introduction. There are five themes you can use.  The Pro version Intro Designer with more themes costs only US$2.99 and it is a great companion to iMovie. Once you have created an intro, export to Photos app in your iPad. Back in iMovie, drag the intro as the beginning of the video and finish editing the video by using the iMovie themes.

I ended up making some videos with the iPad. Here are two I wish to share with you and hope you find them acceptable:
Searching for Sydney Uni app
Moving Business School app

Featured image: The visitors next door. Summicron-M 50 mm, ISO160, f6.7, 1/1500 sec
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