Making video is fun. Sometimes creativity can help you make a nice video out of some short video clips. In the past I thought it was too time consuming to make a video. Later I realised there are some great editing tools such as iMovie or Adobe Premiere. I started making short videos both at work and as a pastime.

It was a day with some thunderstorms in the afternoon on 14 January 2016. We recorded some clips when we drove across the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The clips were stored on my iPhone 6s Plus until today.

I realised the clips were not prefect, but I never underestimate the power of video and decided to make a story.

First of all I created a new project on Adobe Premiere, then imported the clips. After making some cuts out and combining the clips altogether, I discovered that it was too boring watching. Music is an essential element in a movie. I was lucky to find a nice little piece of music from YouTube. It allows you to download and use if I acknowledge the source in the video. I was so grateful.

You should be amazed by the quality of the video made on a mobile device. A phone today is handy and quick. It helps you to capture the decisive moment. I am really satisfied with the video power of my iPhone 6s Plus.

So now you should easily see the final product on Vimeo after I have added the music background, and here in this post. The music creates some tension like a Alfred Hitchcock movie. It is open for your interpretation. Hope you enjoy watching it.

The featured photo was shot by using the Summicron-M 35 mm f/2.0.


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