Featured in this post are two images taken in a Korean restaurant in Rhodes Shopping Mall, Sydney.


The side dishes

The side dishes


On the web, it is called Rhodes Waterside. In fact, it is a residential region near the Parramatta River. The river is shallow and polluted. Several months ago I walked along the river bank and saw some big signs warning anyone not to go fishing as the water is toxic.

According to Wikipedia, this area was contaminated by chemical waste. I felt sorry for those who do not know about its history.

The restaurant we took our dinner is called Smokkim.  It is a BBQ restaurant like many other Korean restaurants.  To our surprise, a decent dinner costs only around AU$15 to get your stomach full. Side dishes (Kimchi) are of good quality.

These two images were taken by the Summicron-M 50 mm f/2.0. The environment was not well lit. I did a bit cropping in Adobe Lightroom after shooting with the aperture wide open.




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