It is really hard to image the life of working in a terrace house as an office, if you even do not know what a terrace house or terraced house is.

A terrace house is going to be the workplace for me and my colleagues.

According to Wiki, a terrace house is a style of medium density housing originated in 16th century Europe. Now It is very common in the inner suburbs of Sydney and they were built many years ago. Most of them I saw are two storey high, built together almost identically in a row sharing one side wall.  Normally they are designed with long rectangular floor plan and with little space at the front as entrance and a slightly bigger backyard or garage for car storage.

The terrace houses are ideal homes to many city dwellers because they are close to the CBD. People can catch a bus or a train and arrive their workplace in less than an hour or less. Although many modern townhouses in terrace house style are built in timber, the original terrace houses were mostly built in brick.  With natural light only shines into the house from the front and rear windows and the balcony, you can imagine the brightness inside is hardly satisfied. When I first had a glimpse of what my future workplace is like, I was not surprised by its ambience.

I like the balcony and the backyard.  The balcony provides a view of watching the street, cars and passers-by. The backyard is the best place for a cup of tea or coffee.

Anyway some transformation has been done to this terrace house and after about a month, it is almost ready to be used. Of course working in a terrace house could be exciting and provide me a sense of home. I would be pleased to share with you how I feel after moving in for some time.

For the time being, enjoy my collection of this workplace, its past (before the renovation) and how it looks like at present on my 500px portfolio. New images will be added if you revisit this portfolio from time to time.

Featured image: The kayaks. Summicron-M 50 mm, ISO160, f9.5, 1/750 sec

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