Do you think Leica will enter the mirrorless?
Mirrorless is an interchangeable lens digital camera system in contrary to point-and-shoot cameras and DSLR (digital single-lens-reflex) cameras.
Now more and more camera manufacturers are aboard mirrorless and the latest model is the Nikon V series.
Mirrorless is an interesting product. Its biggest advantage is smaller in size and mobility.  You will appreciate its lightness when you are on a trip carrying other heavy daily necessities.
So far we have not heard of anything from Canon and Leica whether they will enter this market.  I am sure Canon will, given the fact that they have invested substantially in research and development.  The question is not what, but when. Canon may be slow, but don’t overlook its capability.
Another player could be Leica.  Not only because of the source from Leica Rumors site, but from product details of a latest Metz flash gun: Mecablitz 44 AF-1 digtial.
On this site,  you could find this flash gun is compatible with “Leica Four Thirds”.  You tell me where Leica Four Thirds is at present?
So perhaps this is an indirect way to let the cat out of the bag. Leica has been making its version of Panasonic point-and-shoots. My wild guess that it is likely that the Leica mirrorless system is a modified Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX 1 body but compatible with M lens.
Don’t underestimate Leica: they are growing fast.
After all, M series is itself a mirrorless system far ahead of others.

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