I reckon everyone has heard of Wikipedia or Wiki.
It is one of the most popular free online knowledge database we use every day.  I find it easy to use and it is also amazing to see the database available in many languages.
The Greek philosopher Aristotle once said, “all men by nature desire knowledge.”  In the old days we looked up in large volumes of encyclopaedia such as Britannica. I still remember how excited to discover the entire dictionary is stored on a disc. Now it is one step further: you can simply open your browser, or tap an app on your mobile device to access Wiki in just a second.
Wiki now needs your help.  If you view a banner displaying a message from the founder Jimmy Wales on their site, enter and donate some money. (I have also posted a link at the bottom of my homepage to direct you to their site.)
It is really hard to see such a clean site without any junk ads sidetracking your attention.
With a few penny we could keep wikipedia ongoing and growing.
We also use wiki in a learning environment to write documents or journals collaboratively. This is what wiki means to us.  Let us share the joy of wiki.

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