I love reading books and journals, in English and Chinese. Hard to find extra spaces, the number of books on my shelf is decreasing. I used to throw away books or magazines I have read to the library when I was working in a school. Nowadays books are plenty, but good books are not many. At the end, I read books or magazines in ebook format, mostly purchased from Amazon Kindle, on mobile devices or through Cloud reader on a browser.

into the block

into the block


The only magazine I still subscribe yearly is Leica Fotografie International, or LFI magazine.  LFI is the official website for all Leica users. There are areas where you find news, blogs, magazines, videos, gallery, workshops, app, shop and subscription.


LFI (Leica Fotografie International)

LFI (Leica Fotografie International) and my Leica M Typ 240


Go there and find apparels such as cases and half cases, books, straps and bags, etc. You can even find films and development kits. Items are listed in Euro and not reasonably low in price. But I strongly recommend you to subscribe to LFI magazine. The price for two years (16 issues) is only EUR138 plus postage.

LFI magazine contains not only information about Leica cameras and lens, old and new. You will find photographers who use Leica capture stunning images, their photographic skills and the story behind of the images. The content is so rich that you will keep every single issue on your shelf. I definitely like to share with you my collection of LFI magazines, if you pay me a visit.

The two images posted on this blog were taken by the Summicron-M 50 mm f/2.0. The featured one is the padlock of my home mail box.

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