This is what Erwin Puts says in his blog when he compares a Nikon D3 with a Leica M8.2, “…when you see an excellent Nikon picture, the camera takes the credit for 75%, where in the case of the Leica the user takes 90% of the credits.”
It carries some truth when you see nowadays digital cameras are capable of capturing stunning images beyond our imagination.  A Nikon top of the range DSLR, in terms of technology, is at the paramount of technological development and a manual Leica can hardly compare.
In theory we should have no complaint if we cannot take good photos if we own a camera like this.
Sometimes you even wonder whether there is still a place for focusing manually. But I am not sure whether you have the experience of feeling frustrated when autofocus on your camera keeps hunting for nothing.
In this situation, switch to manual focusing, wait for the right moment and let your mind decide when to press the shutter button.

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