Who is the next camera trend setter?
The year 2011 saw the success of mirrorless camera and this year it will continue to be even popular.
Mirrorless camera has the advantage of being smaller in size and the photo quality is matching with DSLR. Sony NEX7 and Panasonic GX1 are definitely among the leaders.
The other day I went to Blue Mountains and saw many tourists were seriously taking photos with either Sony, Panasonic or Olympus mirrorless, in addition to DSLRs such as Nikon and Canon.
Will DSLRs demise?
Not so soon because the Nikon and Canon have announced their flagship DSLR: D4 and 1DX. I reckon no other high-end DSLR will be able to compete with them.  Not even the Sigma SD1 ( I completely agree with Michael Reichmann that Sigma SD1 is one of the biggest fails in 2011.)
Another big trend is the integration of video and still camera.  Now almost every camera is fitted with video functionality.  D4 and 1DX are no exception.  D4 is even called itself multi-media digital SLR. Anyway Nikon and Canon are neck and neck. Their flagship DSLRs are exceptional but not for everyone.
Winning the heart of the customers is hard. Canon and Nikon are competing with not only their opponents but also themselves. Their success is built on their wide range of fine glasses. So it is not easy for others, such as Sony, to get a bigger share.
2012 will be a very interesting year for the evolution of camera.  Needless to say, the winner is the photo-shooters because according to a predication mentioned in Erwin Puts’s blog, about 6383 photos will be made for every second.

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