Do you believe there is no great place to live on earth?
Read this article,  and further on this original statistics list, you will find there are really some good places for you to choose to live out of 187 countries and places  (but don’t think it is easy to migrate).
But you also discover some worst places  on this planet and I can’t believe almost all of them are in Africa and some in the Middle East.
Strangely,  according to Noam Chomsky in his recent speech in Sydney, Europe had been the most violent place on earth.  After WW II in 1945, Europe learnt the lesson of the savage of wars and has become one of the safest places. Now the ill fate has turned to Africa and the Middle East.
Because human beings use violence to solve problems without thinking of other alternatives.
Take an example, Afghanistan, one of the lowest human development indexed on the list, has been damaged by violence from one after another.
Violence, believe it or not, does not limit only to invasion to another country. It is also a violence if people are deprived of voicing injustice or fighting for their own right.

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