Where is the big brother?

Lately the Australians are alerted by a news report that the government is spying on everyone through requesting telco to store all our internet access. This is not news.  This is news if a government does not spy on its people.  The age of what George Orwell perceives in his novel 1984 may soon become not just fiction, but too true to believe that is real.  Big Brother, the enigmatic dictator of the Oceania in the novel, is a character found everywhere in each society.  Some are hidden and some are right watching how we are doing in every second.

Have you thought of the use of GPS module in the camera?  I am not a big fan of GPS and have never owned one with this feature.  But somehow GPS is getting into the way we take photographs.  Adobe Lightroom has integrated the Map module.  Many small point-and-shoot cameras are integrated with GPS. Some amateur or professional DSLRs are providing GPS module mounted externally on the camera body. This will help to identify the location of the photographs taken.  But so far I do not see how the GPS feature affects my choice of selecting a camera.  GPS has widely been used in areas of photography where the photographs are used for research or retrieval by geotagging the latitude and longitude.  In this case, your position of taking the photograph is well located.  Yes a simple device such as an iPhone or Android phone can also tag the location in a very easy way.  If someone wants to gather information about your whereabouts, likes and dislikes, go to look for the locations of the photographs published in those social media sites such as facebook and twitter.

These social media somehow are collecting users’ information.  I have no idea how this is going to be compiled, analysed and reused.  All I know is that privacy is always an issue.  Big brother is everywhere watching and monitoring our identity. You have no one to trust. It now arouses the public concern after only realising that what the government is planning to do.  I know national security is always the cause of action.  You don’t have any sound reason to object.

I am not feeling too pathetic because photography, like other forms of art, is revealing the truth.  A good photograph, no matter taken in what location, carries the power of truth.  I remember Noam Chomsky once said, “It is the responsibility of intellectuals to speak the Truth and expose lies.”  That too applies to a good photographer.

Featured image: The rocks. Summicron-M 50 mm, ISO160, f8.0, 1/125 sec
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