Do you read the latest camera reviews like me as to know more about the trend of technology,  such as the comparisons between the Canon 5D Mark III and the Nikon D800?
This is a real battle between two camera giants as every reviewer is trying to give out the verdict.
Do a Google search and you will find hundreds of reviews written about them every day. I am not in such a position to do so as I do not either own or plan to buy any.
Having read the review of the Nikon D800 in the Luminous Landscape, I began to dream whether it is my next target.
That is true:  it is only a dream.  I have been using Canon DSLRs for some time, would it be wise for me to jump to another ship?  The truth is that the Canon 5D Mark III does not disappoint us, equally true is that no one can dare say the Nikon D800 has won the Canon 5D Mark III by a nose. A change to anther camera system means I have to find money to fund all the initial set up.  At the moment I can’t afford.
But at least I can get some interesting facts from these camera reviews. In terms of noise in high ISO performance, Camera Labs has posted a review and concluded that if recorded the images in JPEG format, the Nikon D800 seems performing better below ISO400; however if you shoot at higher ISO, the Canon 5D Mark III seems cleaner and it has the highest ISO 102400 although you wonder in what circumstances you will use it.
If you want to know their video performance, Dan Chung gives you a comprehensive and in-depth review. The best of all is that he points out the shortcomings of both cameras because he knows the equipments well.
Today the race is moving towards the strategies of marketing.  The camera manufacturers consider their new products not just a picture-taking tool but technological advancements.  Will there be a limit or is the technology of DSLRs is reaching a plateau?  That is why you are not excited with the Canon 5D Mark III which has only incremental progress after waiting for a long period of 3 years.
So it explains why you see the reviews going to extremes.  I saw a guy trying to get the entire world’s attention by painting some cameras in pink.  A man places his camera on the beach to record how the video recording stops when the sea waves hit the lens and the body.  Another bloke tries to prove how rugged a Canon 5D Mark III is by hitting it hard with a shovel.  This happens not just camera reviews: a guy videos the vulnerability of the iPad by smashing a new iPad and a iPad 2 to the ground from height in front of a crowd.
This is a common sense to expect what will happen if you drop something from height. You don’t have to really test it.
I totally agree with Edith Sitwell who once said, “I am patient with stupidity but not with those who are proud of it.”

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