How do you feel when viewing from height?

Thanks to Kenneth, I had a chance of viewing some areas of Kowloon and Hong Kong from the top floors of a residential high-rise. I can imagine how excited I would be if I could live at such a high level: just like flying above the clouds.

It is an excitement to see so many other building blocks, parks and hills, the land and the sea, areas nearby and distant from the highest level of the building. This recalls my memory of what I felt when I went up to Victoria Peak seeing the entire harbour and the city centre at the age of 12. Several years later, I had a chance to see the landscape of Hong Kong countryside in the early morning from a hill top.  I was shocked when I discovered that the landscape in front of me truly resembled the landscape depicted in some classical Chinese landscape paintings. From that moment I learned that paintings are the reproduction of the reality.  I always bear in mind that photography is a means to display how I see and what I see, just like the paintings.

Don’t laugh at me for these fading memories.

Nowadays it won’t be easy to see large areas of brushes in Hong Kong.  Moreover, I won’t be surprised by what we say Hong Kong is still buried by building blocks and most of the people live in the concrete forest.  However, don’t be mistaken by this comment.  It is true that more high-rises are built everywhere, but you can escape from the city from travelling to the outlying islands in 30 minutes to one hour.

The other day I went to Lamma Island , the third largest islands in Hong Kong but could not stand the heat of the sun. After staying for about merely an hour, I finally left.

I should have gone up to the Peak again to view the world famous harbour and the city from height. Perhaps it was much pleasant.

Anyway, life is a game of chances.  When you make a decision, you do not know who holds the future. Owning a flat with a viewing from height is a luxury to many of the people in this city. In fact, many people in Hong Kong are struggling to repay the mortgages.  They have no idea how they can end this trouble when they start becoming the owners of units or flats. The view from the high level is attractive, but an attempt to repay mortgage in a short term is as impossible as a mission to the Mars.

Featured image: Viewing from the top floor. Summicron-M 50 mm, ISO160, f9.5, 1/750 sec
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