Two weeks ago I wrote a post about my experience of using PUPS (PhotoUPLoader for blogS) . I ended up coming across an error (could not upload photos) in which I had to seek help from PUPS immediately. After their developer studied the issue and found out it was probably related to this WordPress site and perhaps the theme.

Many thanks to Lance Barton, the CEO and founder of PUPS and Blogsy, who has taken my case seriously. In the morning of Thursday I received an email from Lance telling him the issue of uploading was fixed. This was wonderful as now I could give a full test.

This post was written entirely on Blogsy and using PUPS to upload the images I captured on my iPad.

To start with I installed the update of PUPS from App Store. Then I started to write this post in Blogsy, making the screenshots of every step I was taking:

1. Tap PUPS and open the Select photos in “Albums”, for example, “Camera Roll”:

2. Tap on the thumbnails to select the photos, then tap “Next” (the number of selected is shown in brackets):

3. Tap the name of the blog:

4. Tab “Upload” on the top left and the images will be uploaded. I can also rename the files or reset the size of the images before I upload the images or do this later in Blogsy:

5. The uploading is being processed:

5. You can send the image URL through an email or tap “No thanks”. But if you are working with Blogsy, the workflow is simple. Go back to Blogsy, tap “W” icon to open my website to check out the images uploaded. Then I drag the images or copy the URL to Blogsy. I always prefer to drag the image because I can see how it looks like.

6. I can further resize every image or set the caption of it by tapping the image to open the settings:

When everything was done, I used Blogsy to publish my post.

With the fact that now the issue of uploading images being fixed, PUPS has become one dispensable tool with anyone using smartphone or mobile device to do blogging.

I cannot think of a way not to strongly recommend PUPS among all image uploader apps on the iPhone or iPad. Lance Barton and his team have proven how wonderful the effort they made to fix bugs reported by a user.  I only worry about the app name PUPS is a bit odd and hard to be searched or be popular. But I guess they may be in the process of renaming this app.

Anyway my conclusion is not to judge an app by its name.  PUPS is the app that I would rate five stars without a second thought.



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