The photos in this post were taken when I was attending Thorsten Overgaard Master Class,10-13 December, in Sydney.  Both were taken with the Leica M and the Summicron-M 50mm f/2.0.

The bottles of water

The bottles of water


Thorsten Overgaard is an educator who knows how to teach.  This was a wonderful experience to learn seriously about how to take images which make sense, or how to tell a story from the image.  If you are a Leica user, you would learn even more about the camera and the lenses, especially the legendary Noctilux 50mm f/0.95, the King of Night. It was said that many people would end up buying this lens after attending the course of Thorsten Overgaard. Perhaps I am an exception (at the moment). The price of this lens is far beyond my budget. Not bad if you consider it is one on your bucket’s list.

Using greycard to measure white balance

Using grey card to measure white balance

The best part of the Master Class was on the last day when I learnt how to take take portraiture under natural daylight. The use of grey card to measure white balance was vital. Choosing the location, background and the source of light was also of grave importance.

The chance of learning from each participant was rewarding throughout the course. We ended up with some photos of our own choices, presented to everyone on the last day. If you are interested in seeing some of our photos, check them out through this link:

One thing we valued so much of the class was that it was presented in a relaxed manner under the instruction of such a resourceful master, with everyone able to make constant interaction and inputs.

If you are interested in knowing Thorsten Overgaard’s workshop schedule, check out this link on his website:

The last word I would to say is a big Thank You to Thorsten and hope to see him again soon.


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