Honestly I am not a street photographer. I carry my Leica M around all the times on my backpack, waiting to take a picture of an object I find interesting. In a word, I take pictures of almost everything: people, food, landscape and architecture.  My second favourite camera is the iPhone 6s Plus.

The tea

The tea


Featuring in this blog are two images taken inside a cafe, after I took the ferry and landed at Darling Harbour Wharf on a Sunday.  We went to the cafe and sat down to enjoy a nice western styled breakfast, with a cup of English Breakfast tea. The breakfast meals were not special at all. But its taste and smell differed from the normal tea bags bought from the supermarkets. The tea was obviously not common.

Leica is truly a camera not common. The M series, in particular, is still a manual camera. It emphasises the skill of the photographer. You do not find any luck if you do not know how to focus manually and get the correct exposure. When you take poor images from a Leica camera, you blame no one but yourself.

The featured image was converted to Black and White in Adobe Lightroom. It was taken with the Summicron-M 50mm f/2.0 at a speed of 1/15 sec, just in time to capture that moment with a slight blur.

If you are interested in knowing some influential street photographers, check out this link. Some of them use Leica cameras.



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