Yesterday afternoon everyone was talking about Melbourne Cup.  It is an annual horse racing event held in Flemington, Melbourne; but almost everyone in Sydney has a reason to take a break, going to a pub to join the crowd watching it live on the big screen.
In our workplace, an email has been sent out a few days ago inviting colleagues to gather in a meeting room to watch the race.
I remember I saw bottles of wine stocked up for this event a couple of years ago.
It is interesting to see how people are dressing up to have fun in various ways.
This is the way people here enjoying their life.
I did not bet on any of the horses because I know fortune is not accompanying me.  Last time when there was a 30 million Lotto jackpot, I simply got 2 numbers in for all four games.
Be wise and be contented.  Think about if you can save the money for gamble, you win.

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