My trip to Hong Kong ended on 25 June.  A short stay did not guarantee shooting many nice photographs. At the end I guess I took about 500, party blaming the weather, partly my laziness.

Not much have been done in total 17 days.  Unlike my last trip to Great Britain and Ireland, I often met friends and family, having little time to really travel.  But I constantly asked me a question:  am I a traveller? That is no easy answer as we all are travellers in a period of time. Hong Kong is my birthplace on which I spent more than 40 years before moving over to Sydney. I did not think I have visited every corner in this city even I carried my camera around all the time. A photographer should never have an excuse not to use his /her camera.  I confess that at the end what blocked me from moving around most was the weather, although I have long known that summer here is hot and humid and very similar to what I experienced in the past.

Millions of thanks to you all,  including previous colleagues, students and old schoolmates and mates who invited me out to dine and try out foods in many nice restaurants. Our gatherings were held in the cafes or restaurants. The cuisine Hong Kong style is so special that I must find some time to write about and take more photographs of.  I know many of us have already shared their food location images on their facebook page.  I guess presenting food in nice photographs sounds better than text. Although I am not a connoisseur, I enjoy seeing some beautiful dishes when they are served.  Good still photographs can also enhance the quality of the food and increase our appetite. It is a truth that the food in local Hong Kong restaurants should deserve a bigger international recognition.

In the middle of the stay, I made an one-day visit to my mother’s homeland in China and another day in Macau. The outlook transformation of these two places is tremendous. I do hope I have had much time to capture the moment of the present as everything never stands still.  In fact, I wish I can start photographing people more.  The expression of everyone has a secret you never tell.

Up to this stage, I have uploaded some of the photographs to my 500px gallery under two categories: Hong Kong, China/Macau.  I present them all in Black and White. A collection printed in a book?  Quite unlikely.

Stay tuned for more photographs in the near future.

Featured image: the chimneys. Summicron-M 50 mm, ISO160, f5.7, 1/2000 sec








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