Do you know how much message the director can convey in his / her movie to the audience?  Is there a message in each movie?
I am reading Wei Te-sheng’s director’s journal (in Chinese) called Director.Bale.  As you will recall his previous movie Cape No.7 was an accidental success.  But this time Seediq Bale is a serious film under careful planning.  You may think, in some way, is it very similar to Zack Snyder’s movie 300?
In the Seediq tribe’s language, Seediq Bale is a phrase which means a real man, after the face is tattooed.  So the name of the book may mean the true record of director Wei.
The movie’s popularity is growing strong (even if it is yet to be officially released on 9 September in Taiwan) since the official site and blog were set up.  I have no doubt that our vast attention will soon be drawn to this movie depicting how the 300 Seediq tribesmen in Taiwan rebelling against the Japanese intruders in 1930s ended in decimation.
In this book, Wei records how the movie started from an idea and it was quite a complicated journey in itself; although Wei’s language is plain, like a diary (in fact, it is a personal journal to start with).  But the book is filled with his passion.
What equally interesting is the photos in this book.  They are beautifully taken and could serve as a preview of the movie.  The English readers may have to visit the official site  or the IMDb site to get some more information about the movie itself.
At the end, what really worries me is that movie making is an entertainment industry.  The movie is promoted as a blockbuster, it is still too early to say whether we can still find the message, or only the craftsmanship.
That is what I think the director’s journal is still worth reading.

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