This announcement from Fujifilm site (English translation here) mentioned the discontinuation of some silver halide films is not surprising.  My question is when.
If I have a crystal ball, I will tell you how long film will last. But obviously film is still surviving after all these years even some years ago Mike Johnston claimed film is dead.
One thing for certain is that this world needs a variety of media to record its beauty.  I love both colour and B/W images regardless of the format of recording.
Nowadays if you are in possess of a film camera, you still could purchase a wide range of film choices from Kodak and Fujifilm (Where is Ilford?) in some large photographic equipment stores.  Of course I assume you are handling the entire process of development and printing, as this has been becoming a very costly and professional skill.
For B/W films, I shot in Kodak Technical Pan and T-MAX in the past.  Developing these films and processing prints in the darkroom were wonderful memories .

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