A family member phoned us asking whether we would like to order a copy of the newly published biography of Steve Jobs.
I thanked her a million. I do not need any copy because I have already started reading it.
In fact, it was an ebook version pre-ordered and delivered wirelessly from Amazon.
This biography written by Walter Isaacson is worth every cent although I have only finished 6% of the total tonight, right at the part about how Jobs got in touch with Zen.
At this stage I am not qualified to write a review of this biography.  A guy called Chris Rawson has already finished the book and posted a review.
Reading biography is hard because you are on a journey of seeking the truth of one’s life, and most possibly scrutinising how much value in it.  We may have doubts but no one is able to clarify them for you.  Who knows how much of it is truth and how many are lies.
If you love this biography, you should give the credit to the author Walter Isaacson. Isaacson has the power to portrait Jobs vividly with interesting details.

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