If you are keen to refresh your website and do update frequently, you won’t be surprised if one day your website collapses. It is not something uncommon. When all of a sudden you site is down, you need to know you have a backup that can retrieve all the important data. Sometimes one backup is not good enough and not secure enough. However, most of us are not running a business. We cannot afford the cost of multiple backups although we also cannot afford to lose our data.  So we have to find a solution to back up our WordPress site.

The digital world is not romantic if you encounter a glitch. Not long ago after restarting my PC normally in order to clear the cache, a message came up prior to the Windows 7 login screen asking me whether my license was genuine or not. This was a bit funny as it was a workplace computer installed properly with all licensed OS and software. But this was a true alert even I re-booted several times. Previously I did not find other problems although my PC ran slow during virus scanning. I was sure my personal profile was corrupted and fixing it might take some more time.  My fortune did not completely leave me as I had a data backup stored on a mobile hard drive. I had to rebuild the system, but 90 percent of my data could be retrieved and no harm was done.

This is why I am always in a quest for a good backup of my entire website to minimise the risk of data loss. I have experienced a switch of hosting in which my previous site was hard to migrate. I ended up building up almost everything. At that time I designed my website with Microsoft FrontPage. Since then I switched to WordPress, I found it is easier for me to post my blogs with less hassle to design everything from scratch from software such as Adobe Dreamweaver. Of course nowadays there are so much web tool that helps you to nicely build a website.

At the end I came across with the best backup plugin called WordPress Backup to Dropbox. Like what it says, it does backup to your Dropbox account.  The current version is 1.3.  As a free plugin, it gets the job done easily. Here are the steps:

  1. Download, install and activate it
  2. Authorise it with Dropbox
  3. Set up options, e.g. backup to a Dropbox folder; and schedule, e.g. daily, weekly, etc
  4. Save changes

There are also premium extensions for enabling a zip backup (US$19)and an email notification (US$9)when the backup process is completed. Getting these two will further make the backup process more convenient. A backup zip is in particular helpful because you can keep several versions with date stamped. This plugin also stores a copy in your site. But you have to remove the old backup zip files if they eat up too much of your storage.

I found the current version 1.3 does work really well except saving to a zip backup.  Later I have tried the Release Candidate 1.4 and the entire process was completed like a breeze. The plugin was developed by Michael De Wildt. His response to my enquiry is really prompt and fast.  If you want to know more about this plugin, visit Michael’s blog. All in all, this is the best WordPress backup plugin I have tried so far.

If there is a restore backup plugin, that will be equally much welcome.

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