The best revenge, against all odds, is to live well.
Mark Twain has once said, ” Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first. ”
This is true.  But in many cases, we are let down by empty and broken promises.  I begin to feel sympathetic with those people making protests.  Several weeks ago the Occupy Wall Street movement has invited many people in other parts of the world to follow suit.
In Australia last night the police has started to remove the Occupy Melbourne protesters in City Square in Melbourne which ended in chaos and bloodshed.
Removing people from a venue is easy, but it won’t be moving the gap between the happy and unhappy, have and have not, civilians and bureaucrats.
I now understand why so many public figures cover up their doings in the past in order to please the rich and the people in power.
Events re-occur frequently in history.  These hypocrites no longer win our heart and get our support.
I do believe there is justice. The best revenge for us, as ordinary people, is to open our eyes wide to see and to live well.

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