The battle of pixels of digital cameras is reaching to a newer level.
The latest speculation for a breakthrough of a 35mm DSLR is Nikon D800.  Although the camera is yet to be released, news from Nikon Rumors site reckons it could go insanely to 36 MP (7360×4912 megapixels) for an everyday camera like this.
The rule of thumb is that more pixels mean better print quality, even we rarely require larger than a 6×4 inches print.
On a computer screen, viewing a 36MP file is massive and some areas that are not previously visible through our human eyes, are now in minute details.  Do you think it is enough?
People still believe the highest is the best, so camera manufacturers will try every means to satisfy our vanity, one of the seven sins (!).
Well I won’t call it a sin because the pursuit of perfection is quite a human nature.  I personally appreciate this pixel race and firmly believe it will bring us some new and interesting cameras in the future.

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