If you do not believe the earth is getting warmer, doesn’t matter. The truth is that in Sydney we have more days with temperature over 35 degrees Celsius and above. Today the mercury hits 40 degrees in the city.


The windows

The windows


After lunch I walked out of my office to get the feeling of being hit by the heat wave. It was more severe than I thought. You will be dehydrated in a short time if you continue walking under the sun. The only thought I had at that moment was to finish this walk as soon as possible to return to the shade.

Posted on this blog are two images I took with my Leica M today with the Summicron-M 50 mm f/2.0. I like the one entitled The Windows more between it captures the big contrast between highlight and shadow. It is not surprised to see that Black and White photography is more artistic than colour photography. The subject is usually more focused and less distracted by colour. The use of tones between black and white also dramatise the entire picture. If you want to see how your images look in Black and White, try to set your Leica M capturing two files:  one in colour RAW and one in Black and White jpeg, then open both of them in Adobe Lightroom or other application. Compare and ask yourself which one you like most.

Applying filters in Adobe Lightroom Develop module will help to make your image look different.


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