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A moveable feast

on 23Aug2011 in thoughts, travel-UK/Ireland | 0 comments

Dublin is a city full of characters, shops and visitors;  amazingly heaps of people walking in the main, side and mean streets, from anywhere to somewhere. Like many travellers, I bought a copy of James Joyce’s Ulysses in a bargain bookstore.  I should have bought it in the James Joyce Centre. This is my second copy of Ulysses.  The first one ended up nowhere,...

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London Gatwick – 19 April 2011

on 22Apr2011 in travel-UK/Ireland |

When we arrived at London Gatwick airport, it was almost 6pm.  Going through the passport check is simple: just show our boarding passes.  Within seconds, we went out of the airport and on our way to the hotel. This morning we made our last attempt to visit some points of interests in Dublin city centre.  Right behind our hotel is an array of shops with signs...

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Powerscourt House and Gardens,Wicklow – 18 April 2011

on 19Apr2011 in travel-UK/Ireland | 0 comments

Yesterday before we returned to the hotel, we made a stroll to the city centre of Dublin.  You couldn’t imagine how many people there were in the streets in the late afternoon.  It seemed the crowd was dispersed from a large stadium after attending a festive event.  But obviously, people were coming out from every shop and every corner of streets and roads… We...

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