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Winter flowers

on 26Jun2011 in thoughts | 0 comments

This week sees the Winter charm with the sun shining almost every day. After a good harvest of lemons last week, I notice some other flowers starting to decorate the gardens. They are mostly pink and some in white. Have a look of this pink Camilla (pictured).  Surely it is a joy seeing this family of flowers in such a cool season.  ...

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Fresh new lemons

on 19Jun2011 in thoughts | 0 comments

Citrus trees are common in Australian backyard. This morning we twisted a lot of lemons off from the tree after pruning stretching branches and weeds. It is amazing to see so many fruits hanging all over the tree although we did not fertilise it enough. Some say peeing on a tree helps it grow. Probably we haven’t tried this organic method so that’s why...

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Winter came too early

on 3Jun2011 in thoughts | 0 comments

  IN our backyard, the maple is showing us a picturesque early winter with its leaves started falling in mid May. The winter has come early.  In several mornings we even saw frost formed on the lawns and some vehicles parked in the open air. I took this image of the maple and its leaves in my backyard last week in a harsh cold afternoon. Hey, it was a bit...

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life restarts at 49…

life restarts at 49…

on 20Nov2010 in thoughts | 0 comments

I am delighted to see my backyard Jacaranda in bloom today. life has never been so good… a few facts about me after the surgery: weight: 64kg duration of surgery: 5 hours nurses and persons I met: Sister Hong, Colleen, Sue, Jane, Heidi, Donna, Cheryl,  Jen, etc… room mate: an Italian born 69 aged folk called Vit the best experience in hospital: food the...

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