Leica released its newly SL model, the SL2-S recently. It was a surprise as Christmas is approaching in this eventful year.

I attended the first generation of Leica SL launch in Sydney in 2015. It was quite a niche event in the evening organised by DigiDirect, a local camera store in Sydney. Very impressive.

Now 5 years on, one year after the launch of SL2, Leica released SL2-S, a video focus camera in early December. I have the opportunity to get a hands-on to this camera. I tried this camera with M lenses.

Leica SL2-S
Leica SL2-S

It is a beautiful body with less remarkable name of Leica at the front. In fact the red dot is always eye-catching in the crowd.

Leica SL2-S hotshoe
Leica SL2-S hot-shoe and the mics at the front

I have yet to try on any L series lenses, I attached an adapter to the body using M series lenses. Almost all my M lenses are compatible.

Leica M-Adapter L
Leica M-Adapter L

Setting up the camera is very quick by using the MENU button. The joystick plays a significant role and serves as “CONFIRM” button while scrolling up and down in the menu in the set up process.


The big dial on the top of the body is also as selection dial, working closely with the joystick.

Main dial
Main dial and the shutter button

The buttons on the body are not labelled. But by fault functions have been assigned.

There is no printed menu in the box. You could download an electronic version or request Leica to send you one.

I will discuss more about other features of SL2-S soon.

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