Publishing a book through Blurb?  An online printer?  No way!
I have never thought of doing so until I heard of it.
Sooner than ever I discovered the process is so easy and direct.
To begin with, register as a user on the Blurb site. Then download the application called BookSmart for your Windows PC or Mac. Next install and run it.
Just that simple.  BookSmart may start up a bit faster on Windows than Mac but I find the features are the same.
Start designing your book by choosing a format: from as small as 130mm x 200mm to the biggest 300mm x 300mm.
Blurb BookSmart comes with many templates about book cover, text and picture pages. You can even find copyright layout plus others such as introduction, chapters, index, table of contents, collage and even recipe
You can even create or modify a page or the book cover and save it to become “My Page Layouts” or “My Cover Layouts” to use again later.
If you just want to use text, you can stick to text layout all the way.  In the past we worked so hard on Adobe InDesign to create something special but now it is painless on Blurb BookSmart.
You could even create your book on a mobile device by Blurb Mobile app installed on your iPhone or iPad.
The last thing you need to do is to upload the book to Blurb site.  Choose a paper type that suits your work such as photos.  Order it to publish and send to you, or simply order an e-book (.epub) version to view on your iPad.
That was how we created the first book from scratch:  24 Days in Great Britain and Ireland.  To tell you the truth, the printed book is absolutely worth all our effort.
Since this is a self-publishing book, we have decided not to earn any profit but sorry cannot afford to send every beloved friend a copy.
We have enjoyed our journey to beautiful Great Britain and Ireland, the making of a book and now we wish you could share the joy as much as we did.

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