The colour of sunset

The colour of sunset is unpredictable. You have to see once in your life how beautiful it is. The best sunset I have seen could not be captured by lens of any focal length.     I remember the beautiful love poem Sunset written by Rainer Maria Rilke.  Rilke...

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Late summer days

Sydney is embracing heat in the late summer days. Most of the time you expect days of scorchers, followed by some flash storms with rains, thunders and lightnings. I could not imagine how we survived in the old days. So don't forget to stay calm.   Australians...

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The Australian backyard

These two images were taken in the 7-day trip in Hobart. They are now part of my beautiful memories. The featured photo in fact is nothing special in its original colour. But I found it is more interesting in Black and White. I also cropped the image so that the focus...

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