Seventh Day in Hobart (30 January 2016)

The sky has cleared this morning. We walked down to the Salamanca market. It was still early and most stalls were getting prepared for the Saturday market. Last time we bought some locally made expensive bread from a stall but they were not particularly good, so this...

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Sixth Day in Hobart (29 January 2016)

Although the forecasted thunderstorm did not eventuate yesterday, today the weather was terrible. There was rain all day and heavy at times. One good thing from this bad weather was that it gave us a grand excuse to go shopping!     So we headed off shopping...

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Fifth Day in Hobart (28 January 2016)

We woke up today to be greeted by a beautiful blue sky. The plan today was to take the shuttle bus to Mt Wellington and then hike downhill for 2.5 hours to Fern Tree where we would take the metro bus back to the city.     However, the weather forecast said...

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Fourth Day in Hobart (27 January 2016)

No running, no walking today. First stop was Kingston beach. Kingston was voted as the best suburb in Hobart and Kingston beach is one of the few easily accessible aurora sighting spots.     Originally we wanted to take the bus which runs along the coast via...

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Third Day in Hobart (26 January 2016)

The day started with a short run along the shore. We saw the same group of Big Mums ( and Dads) fan dancing in the park again. What a horrible scene!     It was the Australia Day public holiday so instead of relying on the infrequent bus service, we decided...

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Second Day in Hobart (25 January 2016)

Twice we have visited Hobart, never have we seen so much sunshine and blue sky. The morning started with a little cloud but the weather was brilliant in the afternoon and evening. We visited the Metro shop in Elizabeth street, took a few printed timetables and asked...

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