Every rock tells a story

Jenolan Caves are located about 60km drive south of Katoomba. Katoomba is one of the beautiful towns in Blue Mountains in the west of the city of Sydney and a place you can take a break.
But we could not believe it took almost 45 minutes meandering through the winding roads on an average speed of 40kph.

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Enjoy a bright sunny day out

Alfred, my nephew and his mother came again to visit us in this freezing cold winter.
They arrived early this morning and then we went out midday to bathe ourselves in this bright sunlight although wind was chilly and dry.

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The image within the image

In the latest July issue of Leica LFI magazine, Hoffmann discusses how to create good composition by organising the motifs in the image.
One way we often use is “the image within the image”, creating a perspective frame so that two spaces are connected into one.
The way we frame a wall picture is a classical example of showing how we set our focus within a rectangle frame.

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another Leica M9 user guide

Nearly everyone who owns a Leica M says how easy to get on board without referring to the manual.
I think this is true given the fact that the original manual has presented all the basics and the advances and it is just simple to operate any M-series such as M9. But I am not too disappointed to get some additional reminders from David Taylor’s latest book Leica M9 the Expanded Guide

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Have you taken too many photos?

There is an interesting article written by Nick Trend on how many photos one takes on his/her travel. His question is: do we rely on photos to remember our holidays? At least I don’t feel my travel is compromised by taking some photos. The photos I have taken are developing more meanings from mere images.

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Sunny Sunday

Sunday is normally considered the beginning of a week. Yet it is also seen as the end. If you think of back to work on the following day, Sunday sounds too short. So be wise to enjoy every single moment on a Sunday when you watch outside the sun is already hanging high up in the blue sky.

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