The worst of times

Are you contented with your life? Lately we have heard so much noises resulted from mid-age discontent and teenage angst.
I am not sure whether it indicates that we begin to grumble more often than we used to be.
We grumble about a rude response, stupid answer and naive behaviour. We grumble about hypocritical politicians, pseudo democracy, injustice and hegemony.

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The world’s most livable city

Melbourne was ranked the first in the most livable city and my city Sydney the sixth as reported by the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Liveability Survey.
Equally surprising is that two other Australian cities Perth and Adelaide (both ranked eighth) are also in the top ten on the list of 140 cities. So is Australia the most livable country?

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The movie director’s journal

Do you know how much message the director can convey in his / her movie to the audience? Is there a message in each movie?
I am reading Wei Te-sheng’s director’s journal (in Chinese) called Director.Bale. As you will recall his previous movie Cape No.7 was an accidental success.

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The trouble with truth

Having a chance of reviewing my latest images, I found I have not taken too many photos of people.
Yes, this is true. I do believe no one has the right not to be photographed, but I should not avoid pondering the consequences of taking a risky capture.
When I take a picture of nature and landscape, I try the best to think of people in mind. The images are true records.

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A moveable feast

Dublin is a city full of characters, shops and visitors; amazingly heaps of people walking in the main, side and mean streets, from anywhere to somewhere.
Like many travellers, I bought a copy of James Joyce’s Ulysses in a bargain bookstore. I should have bought it in the James Joyce Centre.

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Gordy’s camera strap

Do you like your camera strap?
It may cause neck pain if you manage to hang the camera all day long (even worse if you mount a wide aperture zoom to it).
One of my friends mentioned to me that he has injury in his spiral cord so it is almost impossible to put any weight on his neck.

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