Honest Australians

What are Australians best known for?
Our kids are encouraged to speak up when they are young. We believe Australians should be best known for our verbal presentation skill.

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Email is 40 years old

Can you believe email is 40 years old? According to this article, this month 40 years ago the first email was sent out.
You can imagine how life has been changed since email is taking the place of mail. At least we do not have to spend time writing on a piece of paper and dropping the mail in the street posting box.

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When you think of death

We don’t think of death until one day death is so close, whether it is related to someone you know, or of your own.
Since Steve Jobs died, people are viewing his commencement speech at Stanford University online more than ever and indeed it is so remarkable.
In this address, Jobs told us three stories.

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The magic of Apple

Steve Jobs has passed away, but Apple is still the talk of the town.
One day before we heard the news of the death of Steve Jobs, I met an academic outside my office building telling me how anxious he was in waiting to receive his new Macbook Air. In the past he has mentioned to me he was so delighted to use his iPad.

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iPhone 4S (remembering Steve Jobs)

The new iPhone has been announced. To our surprise, it is not iPhone 5, but iPhone 4S.
That is why The Sydney Morning Herald claims this is an evolution not a revolution. Apple fans still desperately need this upgrade even though it is considered a mild disappointment.
iPhone is taking 40% of Australian’s market share and it’s growing more popular than ever.

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