Late summer days

Sydney is embracing heat in the late summer days. Most of the time you expect days of scorchers, followed by some flash storms with rains, thunders and lightnings. I could not imagine how we survived in the old days. So don't forget to stay calm.   Australians...

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The Australian backyard

These two images were taken in the 7-day trip in Hobart. They are now part of my beautiful memories. The featured photo in fact is nothing special in its original colour. But I found it is more interesting in Black and White. I also cropped the image so that the focus...

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“Check battery age” message on the Leica M

  In this electronic age, cameras rely a great deal on the capability of the battery supply. Professional cameras are designed in mind that the battery will perform reliably in all conditions. Some manufacturers may have a design to fully reset the battery after...

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Using X4 Circular Polarizer

It is time I took some images with and without mounting the X4 Circular Polarizer on my Summicron-M 50 mm F/2.0. Because of limited time I could spare, I only made two sets of images to illustrate how the X4 CPL works to remove reflections and glares from shiny...

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X4 Circular Polariser Activation

The next thing before using the X4 Circular Polariser was to open the box to see what was included in the package.   A very nice microfibre cleaning cloth is placed on top of the filter case.  The red bold text "WARNING" catches my eyes.     The...

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X4 Circular Polarizer First impression

I am not sure if X4 Circular Polarizer started at the beginning as a Kickstarter project, nor if it was introduced on Digital Photography Review or earlier. But I am certain that at the beginning they did not have a plan to produce a filter size as small as 39mm for...

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