Does your clock work?

Do you think your clock is displaying the real time?
What is real time? This is a stupid question. I have five clocks at home but none tells the same time.
It is interesting to know how people set up their clock or timepiece: I set my clock in my living room five minutes faster and one of my friends used to set 25 minutes faster on his watch. I do not wear a watch and I only check time on my smartphone.

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New Year wishes

Let’s have New Year wishes? Why not?
As 2011 is drawing its curtain, as usual besides summing up, we take this opportunity to look forward to the future.
My first dream is simple: to self-publish my first book, after all these years. I wish the first one will be journals of our travel: with photos and some handy tips. The book will be in printed version and in the form of ebook.

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Have a merry and safe Christmas

Agapanthus is widely grown in Sydney gardens and backyards. Its name literally means love.
We need more love and a hatred,conflicts and agony free world.
With this agapanthus flower, commonly known as Lily of the Nile, introduced to Australia from South Africa, I wish you all good health and a wonderful, safe Christmas and a happy New Year.

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Remembering Václav Havel

Václav Havel died on 18 December at the age of 75 at his country home in Hrádeček.
Who was Václav Havel?
If you do not know anything about this great man, I suggest you read further his biography on Wikipedia.
I read this sad news from BBC this morning. Havel was a a former Czech leader but the role as a playwright made him well known when he was young. He was also an essayist, poet and dissident.

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The coldest summer in 50 years

Sydney has the coldest summer in more than 50 years. The temperature has been around lower 20°C during the day and at night around 15°C-16°C for more than two weeks. This is 3°C below average the normal temperature of December.
The big chill is making us feel like living in winter days in the Northern Hemisphere.

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Camera of the Year 2011 Honorary Mention: Lytro

Camera of the Year 2011 Honorary Mention? What do you think?
This is my choice: Lytro.
The reason is simple. It is a camera to capture the decisive moment and let you refocus after you take the picture.
Lytro field camera does not “autofocus” because the camera captures the entire light field.

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