Viewing from height

How do you feel when viewing from height?
Thanks to Kenneth, I had a chance of viewing some areas of Kowloon and Hong Kong from the top floors of a residential high-rise. I can imagine how excited I would be if I could live at such a high level: just like flying above the clouds.

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The Leica store in IFC in Hong Kong

There are four official Leica Stores in Hong Kong. My original plan is to visit every store to discover what their difference is.
The other day I went to the one in IFC in Central.
Central has long been the business centre, just like the city of Sydney. It is called Central because when we were young we knew it was the heart of the city. It has been growing in size and changing its face. There are many commercial high-rises and IFC is one of them.

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Yum Cha on the 12th floor

The Cantonese styled breakfast is called Yum Cha, which is very popular in Sydney because it is widely considered as an unique meal of the Chinese. For years in Hong Kong Yum Cha is the common pastime of the aged, available in the morning and afternoon. Several years ago some restaurants even offered midnight Yum Cha at discounted prices of the food items. This was truly a wonderful experience for the city never sleeps.

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On the plane

We were on a Airbus 340 on our way back to Hong Kong.
Being a non frequent traveller, I was amazed what size of the meals are offered nowadays in the economy class. Meals were no longer served in a large portion. You can only call it a kid’s menu. You wouldn’t be surprised you were treated in this way if you discover at the Sydney international airport a breakfast already costs $19.50.

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My Black and White photography workflow

The French philosopher Roland Barthes once said, “The photographic image … is a message without a code.” To me, Black and White photography carries much more. It is a world seen and interpreted by the photographer, so much richer in content and character. A good photograph always touches our heart and senses when you first see it, and remains vividly in your memory.

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The joy and trouble of the digital world

Do you agree we are living in a digital world? Do you extol all the new electronic devices (such as cameras and phones)? Or are you a luddite, indifferent to this spinning world?
I was almost driven mad by a mistake I made several days ago. I could not login my website admin again after doing a plugin update. The site was apparently running but the admin page appeared to be empty. But I guess it was probably because I cleared the cache too fast without waiting for the system to run the update in full strength. By the time I realised this mistake I opened different browsers to test whether touchwood my luck was still with me, I found my admin page was nowhere.

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