Leica Compendium

Of all the reference books about Leica, I give three thumbs up to Erwin Puts’s Leica Compendium. This is so far the best reference about Leica.

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Is the Leica M10 coming soon?

This is you don’t see every day: a rumour was spread because the buyers of the Leica M9 and M9-P will get a significant discount from a US Leica dealer. I am not going to invest another M body for the time being, so please don’t ask me where this offer comes from.

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Hands on Google Nexus 7 Part 3 Final

Now I have been using Google Nexus 7 for almost 2 weeks. My comment so far is that it is a nice tablet and should be greatly welcome by almost everybody in terms of functionality and price. Please don’t compare it with Apple iPad. If you want to see a comparison of these two devices, check out this review.

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Hands on Google Nexus 7 Part 2

The featured image of my last post was added to my site on my Google Nexus 7. Not too bad. This was done on Firefox beta instead of Google Chrome because Chrome only displays my website in a small area (about 60 percent of the whole screen) but Firefox beta extends it all in a full length. On a tiny screen, it takes more time to press directly on the button. For some reasons, while I was working on Google Chrome, some buttons in my website admin panel did not respond well. On this small 7 inches screen, Firefox beta is definitely the winner.

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Hands on Google Nexus 7 Part 1

My pre-ordered Google Nexus 7 did not arrive last week as I expected. On last Thursday during attending Adobe Roadshow I received an email from Google telling me that the order was cancelled because I gave them a P O Box instead of a home address.
Why wasn’t it mentioned in the pre-order form? Or did I overlook? Or could they not spot this out when they started shipping?

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