My thoughts on the Canon EOS-1D X

As a current Canon EOS-1D Mark III user, I am tempted to know the availability of the Canon EOS-1D X. Not much has been said about this Canon flagship until recently, probably due to limited availability.

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Using Instagram

Not long ago I mentioned about the number of images uploaded to social media every day has set a trend. Today I discover taking photos with the Instagram app on my smart phone has become inherent.

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Leica Compendium

Of all the reference books about Leica, I give three thumbs up to Erwin Puts’s Leica Compendium. This is so far the best reference about Leica.

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Is the Leica M10 coming soon?

This is you don’t see every day: a rumour was spread because the buyers of the Leica M9 and M9-P will get a significant discount from a US Leica dealer. I am not going to invest another M body for the time being, so please don’t ask me where this offer comes from.

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Hands on Google Nexus 7 Part 3 Final

Now I have been using Google Nexus 7 for almost 2 weeks. My comment so far is that it is a nice tablet and should be greatly welcome by almost everybody in terms of functionality and price. Please don’t compare it with Apple iPad. If you want to see a comparison of these two devices, check out this review.

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