Our world is on the brink.  Believe it or not.
A tough year ahead, according to the assessment of World Bank: economic growth will slow down and jobs are to be cut.
In Australia, banks have already slashed 3000 jobs in 2011 through the way of internal re-structuring. But we all know re-structuring normally means sucking the employees.
Besides doing this, zero staff growth and termination of contract staff are also common.
For example, the corporates outsource some of their services (such as customer support) to other countries to save their cost.  As a result, many positions are made redundant and customers are not happy because the support from other countries over the phone know little about the real situation. To be honest, my experience is that I hardly understood what the persons on the other side of the phone were talking.  That sounds silly but the corporate may deliberately do this to discourage you from calling them.
This practice sounds working pretty well and it is getting more popular than ever.
After all these years of cutting cost, the corporates should improve their revenue significantly. But the truth is that it is even worse.  Now we want to ask: where has the money gone?
Perhaps it is no longer news if the world is on the brink.
This is a question everyone is interested to know but no one dare give an answer.


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