We were on a Airbus 340 on our way back to Hong Kong.

Being a non frequent traveller, I was amazed what size of the meals are offered nowadays in the economy class.  Meals were no longer served in a large portion. You can only call it a kid’s menu.  You wouldn’t be surprised you were treated in this way if you discover at the Sydney international airport a breakfast already costs $19.50.  If price cannot be adjusted, then  everything is shrinking to cut the cost. A chocolate bar was not a bar any more:  it was no thicker than several sheets of papers. I wondered why I have not requested a cup of instant noodle… Did they have instant noodles in stock?

Travelling back to Hong Kong normally takes 9 hours. So this time  I have plenty of time watching four movies on the seven inches low resolution screen.  One of them, the Danish movie ID:A is a thriller, about a woman looking for her identity after finding her memory is empty. This is not an ordinary Hollywood thriller, like some Scandinavian movies, its pace is slow and it was not really too good though.

I also watched John Carter. It is truly a junk.  Sometimes you don’t understand why there are always some stupid movies like this. I should have fallen asleep, or listed to some light music.

Night fell very soon. 9 hours was an easy journey if you immersed yourself in something you really enjoyed.

The plane landed earlier than the scheduled time.  When I walked out to the open space,  I realised I was back to a familiar zone.  Yes, this is the summer in Hong Kong: humid and hot. I am going to struggle to survive in this environment for two weeks.


Featured image: a busy street. Summicron-M 50 mm, ISO160, f4.8, 1/350 sec
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