Finally my second book with Blurb is out.
Henri Cartier Bresson once said, “Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.” I cannot remember how many photographs I have taken.  But you have to create a few surprises to your daily routine.  So I decided to make another book: it contains black and white photographs only.
The details of my books can be seen on my books page.
The second book called Points in Time was once again done by collating the photos using the templates of Blurb.  My first book 24 Days in Great Britain and Ireland, published in February, was my first encounter with Blurb.
As a conclusion, it was again totally a wonderful experience using the Blurb BookSmart book-making application.  The templates inside it are well designed and can be modified easily.   However, the cover templates have some restrictions and putting an image such as your own logo on the book spine is almost impossible.  Moreover, some fonts may not be displayed properly if you plan to convert your book to an ebook format. There is a note that tells you more about it.
That said, the guides on the Blurb site are really helpful and the response from their helpdesk is prompt.
These are my recommendations:

  1. Make a hardcover book (must be 80 pages or over) because your book will come with the spine.  Choose also the Imagewrap or the Dust Jacket(with ProLine linen). Imagine how great the book looks when it is placed on the shelf with other books;
  2. Upgrade the paper to ProLine papers.  The ProLine Pearl Photo paper is my favourite for the photographs.  This 190GSM paper is glossy in nature and the best companion for all photographs. But be careful order one copy to see the result as in my case I find ProLine Pearl Photo paper looks a bit darker than what you see from the images on the screen for the colour photographs.  I adjusted the brightness after seeing the first printed copy. But the black and white photographs in the book Points in Time are excellent; and
  3. Add the ProLine endsheets to make your book special.

Of course, all these come with a price.  Blurb charges delivery plus GST (for Australian destinations). Printing a few copies is alright.  If you order a larger amount, think of getting a special quote from Blurb.  Using the Adobe Lightroom 4 may be an alternative because it allows you to export the entire book to PDF files. You can then shop around for a cheaper deal.
I previously thought I will not print my photos:  let them be seen online.  But after seeing my photographs in printed format, I have a different view.
Life is short but full of surprises, don’t forget to please yourself when your life is bored with trivial matters.
Why not start a photo book project today?

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